Crescent & San Souci
The Crescent Hotel
     In1895, Charles Dyer described the famous Crescent Hotel of Pass Christian as being celebrated all over the country.  “It was formerly called, the Live Oak House which was its name in prior years.  This hotel is owned and managed by Mr. William Hart, a young gentleman who took charge after coming to Pass Christian in 1888.  Mr. Hart embarked in the hotel business and bringing youth, energy, enterprise
and great managerial ability in the venture, he has been successful from the start.  Mr. Hart showed the members of our party over the premises, which is built on the style of the southern home of anti-bellum times.”

     “In the rear is a large farm, acres and acres of sweet-scented forest in which those inclined to quiet and solitude, may revel to their hearts content, while those of a more jolly and social disposition, may enjoy the games on the lawns in front of the house, or participate in the dancing, or singing, which are indulged in almost nightly at this pretty place.”
     “Perhaps no higher compliment could be paid the table of the Crescent than to state that everything used in the shape of poultry, eggs, butter, milk,vegetables, fruit, etc., is raised on the farm in the rear of the estate which is run in connection with the hotel.  At this house the prices are moderate and special attention and prices are given to families or parties who intend to stay the entire season.”

Harbour Inn Bed and Breakfast
Former Crescent Hotel

     The former Crescent Hotel, which was built following the Civil War, is now the “Harbour Inn Bed & Breakfast.”  This is the only extant 19th century structure built as a hotel in Pass Christian, and only one of two along the Gulf Coast.  As constructed by Patrick Curtis, it was originally called the Live Oak House.   Other prior names for the Hotel were the Lido and the Meadow House.

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