Magnolia Old and New

The Magnolia Hotel

     In 1886, the razed site of the former Pass Christian Hotel and later Pass Christian College was purchased by Rev. Dr. H.C. Mayer who constructed several buildings for an elite girl's school.  The Trinity Episcopal School for Girls was called the Pass Christian Institute.  However, this school was destined for failure.
     On December 1, 1894, a new group of hoteliers, A.G. Proctor and E.C. Davis remodeled the campus buildings, constituting 40 apartments centered on ten acres, and named it the New Magnolia Hotel.
     Following a second remodeling, the hotel was renamed the Magnolia Hotel, which burned down on April 1, 1915 due to a fire in its attic.  This site continues today as the Miramar Nursing Lodge in the 200 block of West Beach Boulevard.

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